E-commerce & Retail

A better customer experience and a unified brand image

Provide customers with a unified brand experience; their content of interest on the channels they prefer. MessageBroadcast’s customer experience platform gives you a unified view of each customer and gives each customer a unified view of your brand, reducing both contact costs and customer effort. Our proprietary technology and session flows provide significantly higher opt-over rates for full promotional messaging. The relevance of production notifications can then be leveraged to include up-sell and cross-sell content specific to the user profile and purchase history.

  • Preference Management: Our customer experience platform includes the preference portal tools for your web site along with the interactive conversational tools to allow your customers to select a preference from within a notification. Recognizing behavior and feedback from within each interaction builds trust, loyalty, and a more engaged customer.
  • Transaction confirmation and status: Automatically confirm orders and deliveries on the channels each customer prefers, reducing inbound status calls.
  • Online customer service: Use our Talk to an Expert solution to bring a personal dimension to online self-service. When customers are online and need help, we connect them to the right expert on the phone in real time. Eliminate website abandonment and increase close-rates for online sales by adding the same kind of personal service and advice a customer would receive when shopping in a physical store.
  • A/R management and collections: Our automated A/R management programs have improved payment and collection cycles by as much as 80% while saving time and reducing costs. In survey after survey, a large percentage of customers say they prefer automated notices and interactive payment options over contact by an agent.
  • Marketing Communications: Once customers have opted-in, deliver information about sales, new products, and offers, automatically customized to each customer’s interests and purchase patterns. Up-sell and cross-sell across your product line.