Insurance carriers across the U.S. use our automated proactive applications to interact with both consumers and agents. Our proprietary applications and session flows result in significantly higher opt over rates, exposing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Consumers are empowered to self-serve in a conversational manner administrating appointments, paying premiums, completing an application or requesting that the mobile app be delivered to their handset, resulting in lower contact costs, reduced effort and increased revenue.

Improve relationships and reduce contact costs

  • Proactive alerts and notifications: Tell customers what they want to know, on the channel of their choice before they need to ask. The relevance of this initial notification exposes an opportunity to engage, enroll and transact turning a notification into a true mobile moment.
  • A streamlined application and authorization process: Automatically deliver premium quotes, reminders to provide missing information as well as authorizations and denials, with interactive options including the ability to connect in real-time to an agent. Reduce inbound and outbound call center volume.
  • Appointment scheduling and reminders: Automate appointment scheduling, deliver proactive reminders, and enable customers to confirm or change appointments without call center contact.
  • A/R management and collections: Is a payment overdue? Avoid getting to the point of cancelation with proactive notifications. Our automated A/R management programs have improved payment and collection cycles by as much as 80% while saving time and reducing costs. In survey after survey, a large percentage of customers say they prefer automated notices and interactive payment options over contact by an agent.
  • Online customer service: Use our Talk to an Expert solution to bring a personal dimension to online self-service. When customers are online and need help, we connect them to the right expert on the phone in real time. Whether it’s the customer’s designated agent or a call center.
  • Marketing Communications: Once people have expressly opted-in, deliver information about new opportunities, products, and offers, automatically customized to the customer profile. Up-sell and cross-sell.