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APIs / Application Layers / Microservices

Transform existing systems to engage, interact, resolve, and transact 

Production-ready omnichannel engagement

Programmable APIs for the world’s most favored brands



Enterprise-grade infrastructure and redundancy at every level of the stack. Our APIs, decision logic, and microservices provide programmatic certainty for the world’s most favored brands as well as the world’s largest carriers

Built for Developers 

Embed omnichannel communications into your CRM, CIS, CX, and existing systems using our purpose-built APIs.

Dedicated Support

We provide certified development resources with an unsurpassed knowledge base of enterprise architecture and omnichannel application logic to ensure your success


Reliability and security matter

Five-nines reliability delivered through active-active architecture within geographically disparate SSAE-18 data centers
Direct carrier connections with multi-point connectivity providing proof-of-delivery across all channels
Aggregator status combined with our low-latency, high-throughput fiber backbone ensures your communications are delivered in seconds, not minutes
Audited enterprise-grade security providing SSAE-18 SOC 2 Type 2 certifications, PCI certifications as well as HIPAA compliance


Accelerate 2-way customer engagement with exceptional speed
Engage customer senses with rich multimedia, images, and video
Capture customers’ attention with engaging, personalized paths to digital consent

Converse at scale with crystal-clear voice quality

Spur customer action with multimedia interactive experience
Increase mobile app engagement with decision-based notification logic

How We Help 

Increase program enrollment 

Verify right party contact 

Reduce call center interactions 

Increase mobile app circulation 

Act on customer preference 

Comply with evolving industry regulations 

Reduce operations and management expenses 

Drive increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and spend 

Increase digital and offline channel Opt Over 


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

85% of IT leaders say integration challenges are hindering digital transformation.


OMNICHANNEL Communications

IntegratE with Ease

Customer expectations are at an all-time high, and to meet these demands, brands must be present on their customers’ terms. Our omnichannel APIs give you direct gateway access to SMS, MMS, Email, Voice, and application centric communication technologies to seamlessly support the customer conversation between digital channels and across customer journeys. To achieve customer loyalty, it is critical that you anticipate customer needs and reduce customer effort. Our engagement APIs simplify the process of designing, implementing, deploying, and managing conversational customer interactions.


Two decades of campaign experience

Typical programmable APIs “can’t wait to see what you build”. Our turnkey solutions integrate with your business workflows and technology to eliminate siloed customer interactions. Our omnichannel APIs come with use case support for hundreds of industry-specific, purpose-built programs that modernize your customer journey through influence and desired behavior. By combining decades of experience and simplifying complex session flows, we transform your communications into results-driven campaigns that improve customer satisfaction, create operational efficiencies, and dramatically reduce customer and employee effort.


Always available

The world’s most admired enterprises rely on our purpose-built APIs to transform their customer communications. Backed by our leading edge solution stack and carrier-grade infrastructure, our omnichannel APIs provide a scalable solution, ensuring the continuity and effectiveness of your omnichannel initiatives.

Automation and Decisioning


Successful digital transformation initiatives automate workflows and processes at each touchpoint in the customer journey. Our customer experience APIs identify intent and expose intuitive paths to resolution supporting complex decision logic and granular business requirements.

Insights and Reporting

Uncover customer patterns and trends

Our innovative session logic empowers brands to predictably influence their customer’s brand perception. Unifying disparate data, our real-time feedback provides visualization of the behavior, sentiment and responses from your customer. We make it easy to recognize patterns and surface trends across customer segments with built-in segmentation tools that allow you to refine audience segments using any combination of customer attributes.


World-class security and compliance

Built for enterprise, our environments offer physical and logical segregation within geographically disparate data centers. These environments support both HIPAA compliance and PCI DSS Certifications. Our active-active architecture supports the mission-critical requirements of the world’s largest brands. As such, our data centers as well as our administrative offices are SSAE-18 SOC 2 Type 2 audited and certified across all five trust service principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.