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Emergency Communications

The nation’s leading two-way omnichannel notification platform

Your trusted platform for times of crisis

Reliably communicate with your customers in the time of urgency

Timeliness & Speed of Delivery

Our geo-redundant data centers manage critical communications for the nation’s largest enterprise brands. We provide the technology, application logic, connectivity, real time reporting, and carrier certified delivery receipts.


As both an SMS aggregator and the preferred communication provider for the nation’s largest telecommunication companies we deploy communications directly on the gateway. We provide the technology, application logic, and connectivity necessary to sustain millions of communications per hour/per client.


 Built for enterprise, we provide physical and logical segregation for each client within geographically disparate SSAE-18 data centers, each with multiple fiber routes, diverse fiber entrance and connectivity to more than 8 carrier networks.


Our award-winning command and control technology provides our clients with actionable intelligence resulting in identification, omnichannel curation, data filtering, deployment and real-time monitoring of millions of two-way communications per hour.

The Message Broadcast Difference 

Cross Channel Orchestration
Relevant and contextual conversations over the channels your customers prefer
Self-Service Tools
Embedded augmentations that align the relevance of your communication with the tools your customer needs for self-resolution
Dynamic Automations
Intelligent workflows with embedded decision logic that understands intent and provides useful tools for self-resolution
Real-Time Analytics
Robust reporting and dashboard tools delivering predictive and adaptive insight
Drip Campaigns
Application logic that understands where your customer is in their journey and provides the guidance and education necessary to encourage their next best action
Plug-and-Play Integrations
Low-code/No-code turnkey integrations enabling legacy systems to meet modern customer expectations
On-Demand Scaling
Throttling logic to dynamically align engagement rates with call center activity resulting in predictable workforce coverage and customer success  
Compliance Management
Embedded consent and preference management tools automating TCPA, HIPAA, and industry regulatory frameworks

Emergency Communications

Because crisis and emergency communications are both highly critical and in dramatic need of improvement, Forrester believes that contingency planners in both the business and IT should single it out as a focus area for development.


Proactive Communications

When every second counts

The majority of call center interactions occur in reaction to an event. Studies have shown that 67% of consumers are dissatisfied merely by the necessity of interacting with a call center. Today’s consumer favors the brands that require the least amount of effort. We provide technology that understands the customer journey, identifies intent, and delivers the tools that allow the customer to resolve their issue over the channels they prefer.

Proactive Preference

Capture preference at every touchpoint

Respecting customers’ preference is vital to successful communications. Our customer engagement platform transforms your automated interactions into conversational preference centers. Using purpose-built augmentations, personalized and dynamic message flows are automatically applied to outbound and inbound communications that collect, set, update, and verify customer attributes, including missing account information and channel preferences.

Voice of Customer

Optimized customer experiences

Relevant customer experiences create more satisfied customers. Our VoC programs uncover the critical drivers in your customer’s behavior to exceed their needs and improve their brand experiences. Using our interactive survey tools for voice, text and web, customer feedback is collected at critical stages in the journey to optimize customer experience and operational excellence.


Shaping Brand perception

Controlling your brand’s narrative is critical to protecting and shaping public perception. Our platform listens across all digital touchpoints and social media to detect customer sentiment and manages targeted interactions to proactively influence positive customer sentiment.

Conversations and Chatbots

AI-powered case resolution

Consumers expect direct and effortless paths to solve issues on their own over their preferred channels. Our virtual assistant technology automates your customer conversations using the power of AI, reducing friction while avoiding a CSR interaction. Customers are empowered with intelligent self-service tools to resolve issues on their terms.

Self-Service Channels

Effortless customer care

Great customer service also exposes paths for self-resolution when a customer initiates an interaction over their preferred channel. Understanding intent and delivering a contextually relevant interaction is key to meeting your customers’ expectations. Our technology empowers customers to quickly resolve their issue without speaking with a customer care agent, reducing friction and increasing customer satisfaction.


Low code/no code

Our customer engagement platform integrates with the systems and applications you already use. Quickly and easily connecting your CRM, CIS, and legacy systems for a seamless customer experience.

Platform APIs

Add omnichannel communications to your existing applications with our platform APIs.

Web Interface

Create, manage, and deploy mission-critical messaging programs with our web-based interface.