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Customer Preference

Dramatically increase preference capture, by selection or inference, from within your conversational interactions

Garner insight by reducing friction

Preference and Attribute Capture
Compile preference and granular customer characteristics without relying on underperforming preference centers
Customer Intent
Accurately infer customer intent to tailor your messaging, driving awareness and enrollment to relevant initiatives
Next Best Action Decisioning
Understand the needs of your customers and provide automated paths to resolution, dramatically reducing CSR interactions
Digital Channel Migration
Communicate with customers on their preferred channels, increasing satisfaction and desired behavior, while decreasing operational cost
Systematic Visibility
Measure experiential response rates and the correlation to individual customer attributes, increasing campaign performance
Plug-and-Play Integrations
Enable legacy systems to meet modern-day customer expectations with Low-code/No-code turnkey integrations
Consent Management

Automate the capture and validation of Express Written Consent, enabling compliant cross-sell/upsell opportunities

Compliance Management
Programmatically align and manage industry and Federal regulatory frameworks inclusive of TCPA, TSR, CTIA and HIPAA


Customer Preferences

Customer Preference

77% of consumers say that companies should let them decide how they can contact them.


Gather Preference in Motion

Collecting high-quality customer data is paramount to your business’ operational success. Continuously collecting, organizing, and expounding your customer data exposes a granular 360-degree view of your audience. Using a combination of omnichannel orchestration and proprietary interactive experience we promote conversational interactions that interpret your customers preference by recognizing their behavior, inference or selection.

Proactive Preference Centers

Respecting customer preference is vital to successful communications. Our customer engagement platform transforms your automated interactions into conversational preference centers. Using purpose-built augmentations, personalized and dynamic message flows are automatically applied to outbound and inbound communications that collect, set, update, and verify customer attributes, including missing account information and channel preferences.


Administrative self-help tools are vital to meeting the modern customers’ expectations. Our web portals host online preference selection within the web sites of the world’s most favored brands. In addition, our call center tools provide the administrative tools and transparency to support call center interactions, empowering your CSR’s and reducing the average lengths of their calls.


Reducing the effort required to migrate between channels increases engagement and mitigates the abandonment of intent. Our digital migration tools identify the missing information or next best action for an individual customer and provide a low effort path to promote desired behavior. Augmenting these tools within existing email, voice, and SMS interactions is vital to successful channel orchestration resulting in much higher levels of engagement.


Communicate with your customers on their terms: what, where, when, and how they want. Our built-in preference workflows intelligently capture your customers’ preferences within your conversational interactions. We unify these interactions across voice, chat, email, text, supporting a personalized digital relationship with your customers.


Predicting trends and extracting insight starts with an understanding of your customers’ interests and preferences. Our native data collection methods help you gather customer insights to identify patterns at the group and individual customer level.

Consent Management

Programmatically align and manage industry and Federal regulatory frameworks inclusive of TCPA, TSR, CTIA and HIPAA . Our out-of-box preference workflows capture Express Written Consent and validate right party contact, exposing opportunities to lift enrollment for new products and services.

Low-Code / No-Code Integrations

Our customer engagement platform integrates with the systems and applications you use. Connect your CRM, CIS, CX, and legacy systems with minimal effort on your internal IT resources to deliver a seamless, integrated customer experience.

Platform APIs

Add omnichannel communications to your existing applications with our platform APIs.

Web Interface

Create, manage, and deploy mission-critical messaging programs with our web-based interface.