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Two-Way Conversations 

Craft customizable engagements to streamline workflows, customer inquiries, and internal processes, tailoring interactions for a seamless brand experience.

Customers today expect real-time communications.

Research shows they believe the experience a business provides them with is as crucial as its services. Driven by smartphone adoption, customers also prefer to communicate with businesses via two-way messaging rather than simple outbound phone calls, email or text, while wanting companies to understand their individual needs and expectations.

Although seventy percent of businesses surveyed believe that they are communicating effectively with their customers, only twenty percent of customers surveyed agree. Closing this customer communication gap and meeting expectations is critical to improving the customer experience.

Two-Way conversations closing the communication gap. 

Complex communications services and a lack of operational transparency can negatively affect customer satisfaction rates.

Message Broadcast’s Two-way Conversations solution helps close the communications gap by engaging customers with proactive, real-time automated conversations in their preferred channel. This quickly resolves customer issues, provides effective communications and enables customer service agents to access, manage, and store user chats, and view real-time updates for every conversation.

By managing multiple, simultaneous conversations across channels such as SMS, the web, social media, and mobile apps, Two-way Conversations reduces time loss and human labor by about twenty percent while providing high value-added services for customers.



  • Customer support
  • Billing and payment processing
  • Planned and unplanned outage information
  • Storm and emergency notifications
  • Start/stop service requests
  • Program enrollment
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • FAQ responses


Two-way Conversations for Utilities

Now more than ever, enabling energy and utility customers to take the initiative and choose their terms of communication and channel empowers them to engage more with the utility. It not only enhances their customer journey but also customer satisfaction.

By integrating with Message Broadcast’s Omnichannel Communications Platform, the Two-way Conversations solution automates communications 24/7 based on customer needs, with the capability to hand over conversations to customer service agents.

Upon identifying a conversation that requires human intervention, the chatbot can execute a seamless transition that maintains the context of the interaction. This transition involves:

  • Notifying the User: Let the user know that a human agent will take over the conversation to provide further assistance.

  • Transferring the Context: Pass all relevant conversation history and user data to the human agent to avoid requiring the user to repeat information.

  • Human-Agent Intervention: Enable the human agent to enter the conversation with full background knowledge and readiness to assist, thereby reducing response time and improving user satisfaction.

This approach, known as “human-in-the-loop,” ensures that complicated issues receive the necessary attention and demonstrates the chatbot’s ability to integrate with backend workflows for better outcomes.

By doing so, the chatbot can identify the need for extra support, and users can get the help they need.


    • Automate service workflows and digital engagements 24/7
    • Reduce contact center workloads
    • Eliminate time-consuming customer service tasks to drive organization-wide efficiency and cost reduction
    • Seamlessly transfer sessions between conversations and call center representatives if a question is not resolved
    • Improve conversations over time with AI and Machine Learning
    • Integrate with third-party APIs including Azure ML,Google ML,and IBM Watson

    We offer all-inclusive communication solutions and act as your trusted partner in the utility industry. Our aim is to simplify the industry’s complexities by creating personalized communication strategies based on your regional risks and industry assessments.

    With our seamless approach, we ensure a hassle-free journey through any crisis, from preparing for energy emergencies to crafting tailored messages that cater to your specific needs.