The utility industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation to meet consumer expectations for a more personalized approach to product delivery and customer service. Consumers expect to interact with their utility in the same digitally advanced manner as they do with their bank, phone, and cable providers. Brands must become more consumer-centric transforming how they communicate by reducing customer effort.

Addressing the inherent silo’d governance of customer contact across various lines of business is vital to the success of utility programs. Successful change management and new program implementation extend beyond solid strategies to support customer education, program adoption, and engagement. MessageBroadcast delivers both the system integration expertise, and cross-department session flows necessary for a unified customer experience.

For over eighteen years, MessageBroadcast has been innovating how consumer brands interact with their customers. Today, the nation’s largest and most respected utilities rely on our customer experience platform and preference management solutions to transform the way they deliver services. This innovation has resulted in brand differentiation, significant cost reductions, and improved customer satisfaction, consistently ranking these providers at the top of J.D. Power consumer studies.

Improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing contact costs

Respecting consumer preference is vital to successful communication. Our customer experience platform provides the preference portal tools to allow your consumers to set and administrate their preferences. We also address the large percentage of consumers that fail to connect through the web by incorporating preference selection within the proactive interactions themselves. Recognizing how an individual is interacting or extending a notification to ask a preference question are vital capabilities for preference management.

  • Shed call center load during residential outages: Contact your customers in each outage area before they overload your call center, with automatic progress updates and safety tips. Studies have shown that sharing information during an outage is as important to customer satisfaction as getting the lights back on. Give them ways to interact with your brand outside of social media. Reduce costs while improving customer service.
  • Proactive demand response for business users: Use proactive automated communications to improve efficiency and satisfaction during peak periods. Give customers control of notification preferences on the channels of their choice. Share the results of their participation and leverage these mobile moments to increase enrollment for other valuable programs.
  • Smarter customer communications for the smart grid: Automate notifications, triggered by usage data, on the consumer’s preferred channel. Leverage these mobile moments to educate, engage and enroll.
  • Appointment notification and scheduling: Proactive notifications enable customers to confirm or change appointments without a live agent, preventing unnecessary truck rolls.
  • A/R management and collections: Minimize late payments and disconnects. Our automated A/R management programs have a track record of accelerating collection rates by as much as 80% while reducing costs. Customers often prefer automated notices and interactive payment options over contact by live agents.
  • Notifications: Contact your customers when usage is higher than average with specific details of the reduced payment available by signing up for a level bill pay plan. Include a self-serve enrollment to opt in to the level bill pay plan.

Additional Features

  • Leverage our preference portal on your web site to capture customer channel and content preferences

  • SMS 2-way, Text: (OUT, BAL, PAY, PAUSE, RESUME, STAT)

  • Global and account specific ETR updates

  • E-Bill enrollment applications

  • E-Billing statement (with link in SMS)

  • E-notice opt in calls (to allow disconnect notices to be sent over voice or text instead of US Mail)

  • Storm (Pre Storm/Post Storm) notifications

  • Maintenance notifications

  • Restoration instruction notifications

  • Service Restored (Post-restoration check-up)  

  • SMS/IVR Power Status request

  • Post event - Wrap up and Thank you messaging

  • Automate bill request to consumers preferred channel

  • Automate payment history request to consumers preferred channel

  • Remind customers when their payment is due, past due and when posted

    • Accept payments within the notification

    • Identify specific accounts to promote level bill pay

  • Schedule automatic payments

  • Automate payment extension requests

  • Enroll paperless delivery of documents

  • Automate Password resets

  • Authenticate change of address requests

  • Use multi-factor authentication for web logins and customer care calls

  • Use Welcome Messages to educate and enroll when new services are issued

  • Opt customers over to SMS and confirm or ingest email and mobile information

  • Educate consumers on the tools and services available to them

  • Deploy voice of the customer satisfaction surveys allowing consumers to make open ended comments when certain results are recognized. Automatically deliver the results of these surveys along with the transcriptions and .wav files of the consumer comments to each interaction touch-point.

  • Digitize regular mailings (privacy policies, terms) and track delivery over lower cost channels. Escalate to US mail automatically for those that aren't viewed or accepted, driving down postage costs significantly.