More than half of the largest U.S. banks use MessageBroadcast to differentiate themselves as market leaders, offering personalized applications and alerts. New studies (and our clients’ results) prove that ease, proactive helpfulness and reduced customer effort correlate directly to loyalty and spending.

Unify all your lines of business on a single platform

Coordinate automated communications across all your lines of business on multiple channels. Project a unified, customer-focused brand image that creates synergy, thought leadership and cross-selling opportunities for:

  • Retail and business banking
  • Credit cards
  • Government entitlement programs
  • Retirement planning and wealth management
  • Health services administration
  • Lending (real estate, commercial)
  • Online investing and trading

Programs that reduce contact costs while differentiating your brand

Manage and personalize every form of customer interaction and transaction, inbound and outbound, across the life cycle of the relationship from opening new accounts, to activity alerts, to collections. Here are a few examples of how the world's largest financial services companies use MessageBroadcast’s secure and flexible automated platform to best advantage:

  • Account activity alerts and notifications: Opt-in balance, overdraft and deposit alerts have been effective brand-differentiators for our financial services clients. Let customers know when their account balance or status is at a point they specify. Notify them when their electronic payments or wired funds arrive – or when a credit card is over the limit. We have found that customers are willing to tell their banks what trigger events interest them the most; these alerts then empower self-service and increase satisfaction.
  • Entitlement services management: MessageBroadcast delivers automated deposit notifications for numerous Entitlement Programs such as Welfare, Unemployment and Social Security. Recipients opt-in and select their channel preference.
  • New products, rates or offers: Tailor opt-in marketing communications to individual customer interests. Customers can ask to be notified when a product is available at a certain price point and be given an interactive means to respond, on their choice of channel.
  • Application processes and approvals: From credit applications to funding, get the process started, deliver applications, issue completion reminders or requests for missing documentation, provide status, and issue approval notifications all automatically.
  • Fraud management: Speed up fraud detection, investigation and resolution. Take advantage of multi-factor authentication, which allows confirmation of the customer’s identity via customer-specific ID and device data, before login or access to sensitive information. Proactively notify customers of abnormal activity and minimize the impact of identity theft. Provide options for immediate response, on any channel, including a real-time bridge to a live agent.
  • Successful Login Alerts: Provide alerts each time a successful login occurs, giving your customer peace of mind and the ability to interrupt an unauthorized session. Leverage the Mobile Moment during right party access to offer guidance for their visit.
  • Online banking and self-service: Facilitate self-service with our Talk to an Expert solution, an instant bridge to a live agent when a customer is having difficulty while on your website.
  • Investment and wealth management: Provide automated notifications for a myriad of triggered events based on your business rules and customer preferences. Our digital companion technology is used by the nation’s largest financial services firm to enable their customers and differentiate their brand. Respecting the preferences and permissions of the high-value customer has a significant impact on loyalty.
  • MHA (Making Home Affordable) solutions: Match MHA guidelines with borrower needs; facilitate interaction.
  • Collections: Is a credit card or mortgage payment overdue? Our automated A/R management programs have improved collection rates by as much as 80% while reducing costs. In survey after survey, a large percentage of customers say they prefer automated notices and interactive payment options over contact by live agents.
  • Multichannel surveys: Assess customer satisfaction and unresolved issues with surveys on multiple channels, from Interactive Voice Response to email or text.