Providers, insurance, pharmaceutical & corporations

Our patient experience platform serves the world’s largest and most respected brands in healthcare. Our proprietary applications serve healthcare providers, pharmacies, and manufacturers while preserving the privacy and security of patient records.

Improve patient relationships, reduce administrative costs and maintain confidentiality

Our event-based, proactive solutions interface exclusively with data streams relevant to each patient-specific message, reducing risk while improving patient outcomes.

  • Proactive alerts and notifications: Tell patients what they need to know, on the channel of their choice, before they need to ask. Our communications span the healthcare continuum from prescription reminders and condition management to coordinating the complexities of hospital discharge. These interactions have a clear impact on adherence, compliance, trust and relevance for healthcare organizations delivering higher net promoter scores and lower attrition rates.
  • Digital Companions: Integrate patient engagement, education, and wellness with our digital companion applications. Improve satisfaction and outcomes while collecting valuable feedback for informed decisions.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Authenticate the patient’s identity upon login or call center contact to protect confidential patient information. Our proprietary two-factor authentication applications provide IT administrators with the comprehensive API’s to speed implementation.
  • Successful Login Alerts: Provide alerts each time a successful login occurs, giving your patient peace of mind and the ability to interrupt an unauthorized session. Leverage the Mobile Moment during right party access to offer guidance for their visit.
  • Appointment reminders, recalls, or enrollment: Automatically personalize interactions such as appointment reminders, drug recalls, and open enrollment package follow-up. Give patients an interactive means to respond – including changing appointments.
  • Assessments and clinical trials: Easily identify and reach out to patients who qualify for screening or health risk assessments. Conduct dynamic conversational surveys and verify services automatically, issuing both the call to action and the survey itself on multiple interactive channels without a live interviewer.
  • A/R management and collections: Is a payment overdue? Our automated A/R management programs have improved payment and collection cycles by as much as 80% while saving time and reducing costs. In survey after survey, a large percentage of customers say they prefer automated notices and interactive payment options over contact by an agent.