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Transforming Crisis Comms:
How SCE Streamlined Operations and Improved Safety

Learn how SCE leveraged EONS to overhaul its crisis communication strategy. By automating processes and enhancing data integration, SCE improved operational efficiency by 60%, reduced notification execution time by 83%, and fortified its wildfire mitigation efforts, prioritizing customer safety.


“Message Broadcast is a true partner. Our collaboration on a new communications platform keeps our customers safe and informed with timely and accurate emergency communications.”

– Scott Long,  Senior Advisor at Southern California Edison

Case Study Highlights


Improved notification execution time by 83%

Increased resource productivity 60%.

Southern California has faced a surge in devastating wildfires, scorching millions of acres and leading to ten of the most destructive fires in California’s history since 2015.

This ongoing natural disaster challenge has placed Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the nation’s largest utilities, in a tough position. SCE manages power distribution for over 15 million customers across an expansive 50,000 square miles of Southern California.

These customers, representing a modern-day, intent-driven consumer, have elevated expectations. They demand immediate access to accurate and reliable information, accessible through their preferred communication channels, be it text messaging, connected devices, email, social media, or traditional phone calls.

With an array of communication options at their fingertips, utilities must not only meet the evolving expectations of today’s customers but also proactively innovate to surpass these expectations in the future.

82% of customers prefer proactive communications during an outage.

SCE was quickly outgrowing its customer communications system. The homegrown application lacked capabilities to communicate with customers during times of crisis efficiently: ad-hoc programs could not be created or personalized, customer data had to be ingested manually from disparate data sources, and delays in reporting failed to deliver actionable insights.

To compensate for limitations of the legacy notifications system, SCE relied on manual processes and additional human capital to launch time-sensitive campaigns. A single notification event required the effort of five staff members and more than six hours to complete. As a result, adverse effects on the timeliness and accuracy of communications were leading to high levels of call center contact.

We offer all-inclusive communication solutions and act as your trusted partner in the utility industry. Our aim is to simplify the industry’s complexities by creating personalized communication strategies based on your regional risks and industry assessments.

With our seamless approach, we ensure a hassle-free journey through any crisis, from preparing for energy emergencies to crafting tailored messages that cater to your specific needs.