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Low Touch/ No Touch Payment Assistance 

Automating digital resolutions for the customer and predictable participation for utilities. 

Digital Self-Service Payment Plans

Prevent disconnects, mitigate financial risk, and alleviate inbound call activity.

Mitigate Risk

Engaging customers early is critical to mitigating future risk. Providing self-service mobile tools, such as payment deferral plans, enables them to manage their finances with dignity and lessens their chances of falling hopelessly behind on payments.

Prevent Disconnects

In the face of widespread economic crises, mass disconnects are a genuine possibility. Message Broadcast’s communications solutions result in payment performance at scale, informing customers and digitally influencing their next best action outside the call center.

Increase Collections

These self-serve paths have successfully established payment plans for thousands of customers. Furthermore, our clients have seen an added benefit—many customers appreciate the empathetic outreach and are opting to pay on the spot.

Recover Lost Revenue

A number of utilities partnering with local governments or charities have recouped lost revenue through programs designed to help those in need. Message Broadcast’s turn-key solutions are able to automate the entire process, from application to processing to approval.

Whether caused by pandemic, natural disaster, recession, or other life events, an unexpected financial crisis may affect your customers’ ability to pay their bills on time. Proactively offering an automated deferred payment plan through the ease of mobile-first solutions ensures that your customers have options. 


Increase in Customer Satisfaction


One of the nation’s largest utilities reported a 21.8% increase in Billing & Payment Net Satisfaction scores, and a 22.4% increase in key customer sentiment measurements following implementation of our proactive DPA solutions.

Deferred Payment Assistance

When it matters most

Effectively promoting and communicating a deferred payment program with empathy and the right digital experience is critical to its success. A well-executed session flow and mobile-centric experience will produce exponentially higher rates of desired behavior, influencing customers to resolve the issue outside your call center.

Bill Credit session flow

Bill Credit

Flex your flexibility

Successfully prevent disconnects and increase call deflection by proactively engaging those experiencing financial hardship with our Visual SMS platform. When funding and bill credits are available, our program guides customers through the entire enrollment process, from application to processing to approval. 


Pick Your Due Date

On your terms

Rather than requiring payment due on your utility-defined calendar, allowing qualified customers to select their own due dates encourages predictable payment performance. Customers appreciate the flexibility and ease of the mobile experience.

Payment Pick Your Due Date
Helping your Neighbor

Helping Hands

Supporting neighborhoods

Customers often are willing to help their neighbors in need. Utilities are using seamless digital experiences to inform customers about the ways they can help their neighbors in need, making it easy to donate to those who are struggling. In addition to showing a higher level of customer care, these programs are setting a new standard for empathetic payment assistance.

Platform APIs

Add omnichannel communications to your existing applications with our platform APIs.

Web Interface

Create, manage, and deploy mission-critical messaging programs with our web-based interface.