More than half of U.S. telecommunication carriers deliver their communications through our customer experience platform. Our network strategically unifies communications for different lines of business and divisions to deliver a unified brand experience with a lower frequency of touch.

Unify all your lines of business and divisions on a single platform

Now that Telcos are marketing triple plays combining connectivity with content on three screens, a unified brand becomes even more important. Coordinate automated communications across all your lines of business and divisions, on multiple channels, inbound, and outbound. From mobile to broadband, and from sales to A/R, project a unified brand image for:

  • Landline
  • Mobile
  • Broadband connectivity
  • Business/commercial services
  • Technical support
  • Collections

Programs that reduce operational contact costs while increasing satisfaction

Manage and personalize every form of customer interaction and transaction, inbound and outbound, across the life cycle of the relationship from new customer activation to on-site service to collections. Here are a few examples of how the world’s largest Telcos use MessageBroadcast’s secure and flexible automated platform to best advantage:

  • New customer activation and onboarding: Welcome customers with an interactive module that captures channel preferences for each type of communication. Give them the opportunity to opt-in for personalized notifications, services, trade-ups, and promotions. Start the onboarding process, from appointment scheduling to equipment purchase.
  • Appointment notification and scheduling: Friendly, proactive notifications enable customers to confirm or change appointments without call center contact – whether for onboarding, upgrades or repair.
  • Service notifications: Confirm that a service, upgrade or repair has been performed. Our telecommunications and cable customers increase customer satisfaction and reduce “truck rolls” with automated alerts ranging from installation or repair status to subscribe/unsubscribe request confirmations.
  • A/R management and collections: Is a customer late on a monthly bill? Our automated A/R management programs have improved payment and collection cycles by as much as 80% while reducing costs. In survey after survey, a large percentage of customers say they prefer automated notices and interactive payment options over contact by live agents.
  • Multichannel surveys: Assess customer satisfaction and unresolved issues with surveys on multiple channels, from Interactive Voice Response to email or text.
  • Online self-service: As product offerings becoming increasingly more complex, online self-service presents the consumer with much greater challenges. To eliminate website abandonment and improve close rate, use our Talk to an Expert solution. It connects the customer to the right “expert” on the phone in real time – whenever the customer specifies.

Use our hosted network to deliver an expanded offering

Offer your commercial customers value-added services that enhance loyalty and provide a new revenue stream. Offer MessageBroadcast’s multichannel, automated communications services under your brand name on a private label basis, including:

  • Multichannel alerts and notifications
  • Talk to an Expert
  • IVR
  • Multichannel surveys
  • Broadband Desktop Alert

MessageBroadcast offers expertise and customized programs for a broad range of your business customer segments: Financial services, healthcare, utilities, insurance, retail, and more.