The Mobile Moment Experience


Eighty percent of success is showing up. This is especially true when it comes to digital and mobile Communication. Message Broadcast is dedicated to helping brands deliver mobile moments and valuable conversations, leveraging voice, text, email and IVR Services.


Conversation Showcase - Service Outage

Mobile Moments - Weather Alerts

A Storm's A Brewin

+1 Day

SMS - Receive notification of a potential weather emergency

MMS - Opt in to receive emergency weather status updates

Email - Receive an email outlining the potential service outage

Weather Alerts

From earthquakes and hurricanes too snowstorms and tornadoes, adverse weather conditions are an extremely dangerous experience that threaten our livelihood. Brands and utility companies, use our triggered messaging API to communicate with their customers when their customers are at risk of being impacted, for example losing power during a storm.


The Calm Before The Storm

Weather Alerts - SMS

-1 Hour

Email - Receive a proactibe email with a emergency kit supply list

Voice - Receive a personal call notifying you of an expected power outage 

SMS - Receive a text with a dynamic list of options, including emergency help & services

Smart Alerts







Repair Ticket Completion

Nobody Home

The Power Outage

Mobile Moments - Email

The Storm

SMS - Receive a real-time text notification regarding your current power outage

IVR - Receive a call about the length of the outage & providing dynamic service options

Email - Receive an email with relief locations not effected by the outage

Why do Mobile Moments matter?

Because they're at the front lines of your customers engagement with your company. You have to Identify those moments. We'll Design ways to engage, Engineer the systems, and Analyze the data (IDEA), then repeat consistently-that's how you win in the mobile moment

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Mobile Moments - Email

+1 Hour

SMS - Opt in to allow a technician to enter your home

Email - Receive an email notifying that a technician is en route

Voice - Receive a call notifying you that your repair ticket is complete

Conversations That Matter

A day in the life of a one of Portland General Electric's customer during a storm that caused a service outage for 24 hours.

From losing power, to submitting hotel reimbursement forms, this customer bad day was redeemed through meaningful Mobile Moments and conversations that matter.


Welcome Home



+1 Day

IVR - Receive a call with a follow up to your power outage

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Smart Alerts

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