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How to Master ChatGPT
For Outage Communications

Tuesday, June 4th

9:25 am – 10:10 am

Join our CX Expert, Paul Watkins, as he explores the power of ChatGPT, and how to harness it and enhance your communication strategies.

Meet your Speakers

Paul Watkins

Paul Watkins

CX Strategist at Message Broadcast

Paul Watkins has over 12 years of utility industry experience.  He came from Duke Energy where he led digital strategy and new product development. He has served on industry advisory boards, been a guest speaker at Stanford University, and provides industry product strategy consulting. Paul lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife, Vanessa and his two children Seth and Geneva.  In his spare time, he enjoys snow skiing and classic car restoration.

Chris Huff

Chris Huff

CEO of

Chris Huff is currently the CEO of, a pioneering artificial intelligence software company revolutionizing document intelligence. With over 30 years of experience, Chris has a proven track record of driving innovation and growth.

Before joining, Chris was Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) where he led Corporate Strategy, Product Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Customer Experience and Partner Ecosystem. Prior to Tungsten Automation, Chris led Deloitte Consulting’s U.S. Public Sector Cognitive Automation practice, was Founder/CEO of a D2C business and spent twenty years in US Marine Corps as a Finance Officer.

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AI For Outage Management

Join our CX expert Paul Watkins at the main stage as he explores the versatility of ChatGPT as a dynamic AI assistant.

Dive into practical examples, success metrics, and actionable strategies for implementing ChatGPT to boost operational efficiency and aid your outage communication.

Tuesday 4th June,
9:25am – 10.10am

Our platform automates workflows, enhances efficiency, and revolutionizes customer engagement through omnichannel messaging and mass notifications during emergencies through your customer’s preferred channels.

Ask one of our experts today or schedule a one-on-one meeting to learn how Message Broadcast can transform your customer communications.

Strategy For Success

Our approach integrates seamlessly with your operations, offering customized communication strategies based on regional risks and the latest industry assessments.

From planning your communication strategy for energy emergencies to customizing messages based on customer preferences, we ensure your proactive and always prepared.

Pre-Event Alerts: Inform and prepare your community with timely notifications.

Real-Time Updates During Events: Keep your audience informed with live updates as situations unfold.

Post-Event Follow-Up: Continue the conversation with reassurance and feedback opportunities to enhance future readiness.

Our Solutions in Action

Two-Way Conversations

Streamline customer to agent workflows.

Enterprise Omnichannel Notification System

Deliver messages in minutes, to customer prefered channels workflows.

Load Shed Event Management

See how we help proactively work with utilities.

We offer all-inclusive communication solutions and act as your trusted partner in the utility industry. Our aim is to simplify the industry’s complexities by creating personalized communication strategies based on your regional risks and industry assessments.

With our seamless approach, we ensure a hassle-free journey through any crisis, from preparing for energy emergencies to crafting tailored messages that cater to your specific needs.